The Interglassol product line offers shear blade cooling oils that assure a clean cut and appropriate cooling of the blades.

Emulsion Stability
High Dilution Ratio
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Interglassol Smart solutions

In order to comply with environmental regulations, shear spray lubrication requires biodegradable emulsions.

Product Description Characteristics
Biostar C Vegetable base shear cooling lubricant. High dilution ratio and biodegradable.
Interglassol 333 Vegetable and mineral base oil shear cooling lubricant. Ideal for non treated water (hard).
Interglasscut Bio Synthetic shear cooling lubricant. High performance and biodegradable
pH Total Dissolved Solid Total Dissolved Solid
6.8 - 8.2 < 100 ppm < 20 ppm CaCo3
These are only some of the compounds that we have developed to meet the unique requirements of ur customers.