The Interglassmold product line contains the widest range of swabbing compounds. Our products will enable you to improve your productivity and reduce lubricant consumption.

Improve Productivity
Longer lubrication Cycles
Cleaner Operation
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Interglassmoldv Smart Solutions

The Interglassmold product portfolio has been extended with the H product line. The H product line is formulated with hydro-treated base oils that provide a significant reduction of residues and consequently allow longer blank mold rotation cycles.

Blank mold lubricants Description
Interglassmold MPh Specially designed for wide mouth cointainer and jars.
Interglassmold 2H Specially designed for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and flint ware.
Interglassmold 3H Designed for blow-blow process and slow speed.
Interglassmold 4H Specially designed for wine bottles.
Interglassmold 5H Blank mold lubricant for NNPB process
Interglassmold 6H Specially designed as a general swabbing lubricant in high speed.
Neck ring lubricants Description
Interglass Crown H Standard neck ring lubricant with low viscosity
Interglass Crown PC2 Neck ring lubricant for longer lubrication cycles.
Interglass Crown FN Specially design for cleaner operation and problemes with checks and build up.
Touch-up lubricants Description
Interglass Touch 4 Finish mold lubricant specially for complex angles and engravings
Interglass 2H Cleaner finish mold lubricant
Glasstouch Sticks-in Solid swabbing compound special for touch-up's and details in finish molds.
These are only some of the compounds that we have developed to meet the unique requirements of ur customers.