The Interglasslub product line consists of machine lubricants that were designed for mechanical applications in the glass forming process.

Longer Lubrication Cycles
Free Residuals
Wear and Corrotion Protection
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Interglasslub Smart solutions

Reduce your overall maintenance costs and lubricant consumption with our broad range of specialty lubricants that are tailored to the unique operating conditions in the glass industry.

Machine lubricants Description
Hyd Bio S 220 Syntheetic IS Machine oil, main OEM's Approvals.
Interglassoil 30 VX Mineral IS Machine oil.
Interglassoil 10 Syntheetic oil speccially designed for plunger positiones.
Gear Synt S Syntheetic oil speccially designed for .gear drives.
Interoasta Cop Metal High temperature anti-seized compound
Thermaplex EP2 High temperature syntetic grease.
HYDL HLP Mineral oil for hidraulic cushion of the is machine mechanisms
Conveyor belt lubricants Description
Black Chain Water base graphited lubricant for conveyors and dead plates.
Black Chain Plus Higher graphite content for longer lubricating cycles.
Protector Chain Protective oil for conveyor chains storage
Flat glass lubricants Description
Neumatex 32 Specialtyoil for flat glass curring
These are only some of the compounds that we have developed to meet the unique requirements of ur customers.